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    I think new game!

    June 13, 2015 by Gamingideas

    is named : Henry stickmin adeventures. with new charatcers , new gameplay , now with power ups and more!

    Ranking : Everyone

    animated cartoon

    Netpad ( touch sceen computer )

    this game is difrent of the other henry stickmin games, haves also game for 2 players. And you have a other character, Danny stickmin. Adeveture mode, for to move henry, touch your finger on henry and move them around. 2 players mode, it's to drop henry to move, and also the second player waits to drop his player. 2 VS mode, the players have a mission in this level, and the players challenging. The 2 vs mode haves three modes of 2 vs. normal , timer and round. And final the game haves a other mode named free game. Free mode mode haves all missions, also it's a solo game.


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