The Untitled sixth game in Henry Stickmin series is an upcoming sequel to Fleeing the Complex, and the final game in the series.

Plot Edit

The game will continue the plot of Fleeing the Complex. Ellie is confirmed to be a character in the game.

Development Edit

The creator of the series PuffballsUnited announced that a sequel to Fleeing the Complex was coming, on November 22nd, 2016 in a news post on Newgrounds. He revealed that the game will be "huge" and will take more than one year to come out. He also said that Ellie will return as a character. [1]

On 4th January 2017, he officially announced that he started working on the sixth game. He said that the game will be the final game of the series, and that it will be at least "3 times bigger than Fleeing the Complex". Unlike all other games in the series, the final one will not be an online flash game, instead it will likely be released on PC platform Steam along with remastered versions of all other Henry Stickmin games, as part of the The Henry Stickmin Collection. [2]


Ellie. Henry Stickmin

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