Undetected way

The Undetected way or Undetected ending is one of three endings to the game Stealing the Diamond. It is one of two endings achievable when choosing “sneak in” at the start screen, and the only ending in the game for which none of the choice screens has a time limit.

Getting the Ending Edit

To get this ending, choose “sneak in” at the start of the game, and then select “teleporter”. The Teleporter sends Henry to the roof of the museum, where he distracts a guard with a penny and sneaks in. He makes his way to the grand exhibit, breaks the glass case of the Tunisian Diamond with a hammer, and sneaks out the back door with the diamond. Once outside, he uses the diamond to crush one of the guards, could be unconcious and either or possibly dead.

The end credits show Henry living in luxury due to his latest heist, buying a yacht called the S.S. Stickmin and literally rolling in cash.

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