The Toppat Clan (also known as Toppats) is a group of criminals and international thieves.

Infiltrating the Airship

They all have top hats, and they own a big Airship.When government captured Henry, he had to infiltrate their airship in Infiltrating the Airship.They keep all of their top hats in large boxes in the airship.They are big enemy of government, probably because they make a lot of crimes.

Fleeing the Complex

The clan also plays a role in the next game, Fleeing the Complex. One scenario involves Henry contacting them to bust him out of The Wall, clearly continuing from the "Rapidly Promoted Executive" ending of the previous game, but the Toppat Leader betrays Henry, Resulting in the "The Betrayed" ending.


There are over 1000 members in the clan, but just few of them are known: