The wall
The Wall
is the titular main location in the game Fleeing the Complex. It is a prison complex which holds all the most cunning and notorious criminals. Henry Stickmin becomes a prisoner in The Wall due to his previous crimes, prompting him to escape. It has been under operation for at least 50 years since the last time an incident occurred here was 50 years prior to the events of Fleeing The Complex as revealed in the Convict Allies route.



The Wall is located in Russia and constructed down the side of a cliff near the sea. There are docks for ships at the bottom of the complex. The place is heavily guarded. Guards are armed with a variety of weapons, from handguns to spears that can shoot lasers.

The complex is run by Dmitri Johannes Petrov.


  • There is a helipad on top of The Wall, used by Charles to land his helicopter when helping Henry to escape in the International Rescue Operative ending.
  • The cafeteria is located on the 8th floor, according to one of the guards in the Convict Allies ending. This is the location where Henry escapes to the Airship whilst escaping with the Toppat Clan and coordinates to be picked up by Charles on the helipad.
  • A fire escape is located on the outside of the building. This is used by Henry to access the helipad.
  • There is a fenced outside area (known as The Yard) with a large truck which Henry uses to escape.
  • At the base of the cliff-side building is a small dock where the S.S. Annie is docked there.
  • A smaller prison block for maximum security is located in the center of the Yard. The inside of one of these cells is seen if Henry surrenders.
  • A building that seems to be some form of barracks, guarded by Freddy Fazbear from the game Five Nights at Freddie's.


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