The Henry Stickmin Collection is an upcoming collection of the Stickpage/Newgrounds popular online game series Henry Stickmin created by Marcus "Puffballs United" Bromander.


The Henry Stickmin Collection will include all six games in the series: Breaking the Bank, Escaping the Prison, Stealing the Diamond, Infiltrating the Airship, Fleeing the Complex, and the 6th and Final Installment, Completing the Mission. However, the 5 Previous Installments will be updated with better artwork and some unknown additions. Breaking the Bank, the first game in the series is the First Game Remastered. The Henry Stickmin will be released on Steam in the next 1-4 years.

Plans Edit

This is a list of plans Puffballs United revealed on Newgrounds for the collection:

  • The aspect ratio of the games will be updated to modern widescreen.
  • Stealing the Diamond will be remastered to feature realistic buildings in the nighttime background, a more realistic exterior of the museum and a big parking lot with two cars parked.
  • The interior of the museum in Stealing the Diamond has been modified to make it more like a museum and less like a parking garage.
  • The interior of the airship in Infiltrating the Airship will be modified with the floor of the cabin wooden, as well as the stairs and some parts of the floor covered with blue carpet.
  • The World War II section in Stealing the Diamond will be modified with extras, such as: the whole floor will be painted red, the walls will be painted brown, a replica of a WWII tank will be added in front of the airplane replica, the glass case containing guns will feature two more guns, a gas mask, a fire extinguisher and a machine gun will be added in the corner with sandbags, six small paintings depicting the war will be added, the "Angry Hitler" painting will be modified and the hats of the guards will be altered to resemble realistic guard hats.