The Betrayed

The Betrayed is one of the five endings in Fleeing the Complex.

After you wait for transfer then use laser plane, you have to decide in the Phone a friend area whether to call Charles or the former Toppat Leader. To get this ending from there, choose the Toppat Clan. Henry will call the Toppat Leader, who will come to pick him up with the airship. Once they arrive, Henry makes his way to the cafetaria. The Toppats send a Drillpod with 3 members on board to back Henry up, while Henry uses his Scooter to reach the airship. Henry barely makes the jump, and only because the Toppat Leader grabs his hand in time. However, he immediately states his true intentions; he wants his old position as clan leader back and wants to let Henry personally see before killing him. He then lets Henry go and assumes his position as the Leader of the Toppats again, as you get a sad free fall scene of Henry plummeting to his death.

This Ending, Lightning Quick Larcenist, and the Breaking The Bank Ending are the only endings that end bad for Henry.

Trivia Edit

  • You can see the sparkling water while Henry falls, so it is possible that he is not dead.
  • This is the only ending in the game where it doesn't say, "Thanks for Playing" at the end of the credits. Which implies that he likely dies in this ending.
  • PuffballsUnited confirmed that Henry does die in this ending.

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