Ted McAdams







Security guard


Breaking the Bank

Stealing the Diamond

Infiltraing the Airship (cameo)

Shoe color


Ted McAdams is a policeman that appeared in Breaking the Bank and Stealing the Diamond.

Breaking the Bank

Along with Winston Davis he was riding in the money transfer truck when they spotted the bag where Henry hid in, in attempt to sneak himself into the bag. When Winston puts the bag back to the truck, Ted sees that and that made him the second witness for the case. However, unlike Winston, for unknown reasons he didn't appear on trial in Escaping the Prison.

Stealing the Diamond

When Ted found out that Winston was arrested, he left his policeman job and became a night security guard, just like Dave. During Henry's diamond heist, he is seen talking to another security guard saying what happened during the trial from Escaping the Prison and how his co-worker, Winston, got arrested because he just put the bag in the truck and that it's the reason why he quit his policeman job, because it's "safer".


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