The Techno Trousers are a special pair of robotic pants with many properties. They were given to Gromit on his birthday by Wallace in The Wrong Trousers. The Techno Trousers have the ability to adhere to any solid surface via suction, enabling the wearer to scale the side of a wall. This however, was not their original purpose. They are also an option in Infiltrating the Airship.


Option Edit

Clicking on them will make Henry push a button while in the trousers which puts a foot on the wall. Next he slides a slider which makes the trousers walk up the wall and onto the ceiling in an attempt to get to the Toppat Leader. However he falls out behind the Leader back where he started, resulting in a fail.

Fail Script Edit

You forgot to wear the harness, didn't you?

(The harness keeps the person who is inside the trousers inside, even when they are walking upside-down. However, Henry forgot to strap in and went upside down, resulting in him falling.)