Stealing the Diamond has 11 medals for the player to unlock.


The Medals screen in Stealing the Diamond.


Aggressive- Get the Aggressive ending.

Undetected- Get the Undetected ending.

EPIC- Get the Epic ending.

Fail Champion- Watch all 40 unique fails.

Failtastic- Fail a total of 55 times.

Like a D6- Choose the Jumble Hoppers three times.

tl;dr- Click the word "here" on the Portal gun fail screen.

BUNP- Click the Snap Neck option.

01100010- Click "OK" on one of the error windows in the Pokéball option.

It's a joke guys- Click the misspelled word on the Liquidificator's instruction sheet.

Obscure Medal- Click on every portrait you can find in the museum (Zeus-Rage, LOL wut pear, Angry Hitler, Pyramids, No U Luigi, munas 561 A.D., Leonidas IV 672 A.D.)