Sneaky ending

The Sneaky Ending is one of three endings to the game Escaping the Prison. In difficulty, it is between the Badass Ending and the Lame Ending.

Getting the Ending Edit

To get the ending, choose the File in the start screen. Henry will use it to cut through the bars of his celldoor. When the guards spot him, Henry uses the steel rod he cut free to knock them both out. Two more guards come in, forcing Henry to hide in a supply closet. There, he uses a chair to access the ventilation duct and climbs to the roof. There, he finds a wooden box with multiple tools, including a pair of plungers. Using them, Henry climbs down the wall of the prison and safely reaches the ground.

The end credits show Henry running through the desert, away from the prison. When the screen zooms out, you can click on the sun to get a medal.

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