The unseen stick is the deadliest.

The Shadozer is a device that can be found in Fleeing the Complex. It makes the user turn into a shadow.

Role Edit

Henry finds the Shadozer on the docks and tries to use it to get past the guards and escape by the sea. He activates it, turning into a shadow. However, stormy clouds soon appear in the sky, blending their shadows with Henry. Henry tries to save himself but only manages to crawl his upper part of the body out, while the rest stays separated as a shadow. Click the moon for another step of the bruUGHNO medal.

Gadget Gabe's Review Edit

This is the only device in the series that Gadget Gabe didn't write a positive (but misleading) review about. He said, "I'ma be honest with you, this one isn't that great..."


Trivia Edit

• The music that plays while the player is reading the note is a remix of Shadow's theme from Final Fantasy VI.