Henry about to break into the museum

Henry on his scooter

The Scooter is a vehicle owned by Henry Stickmin. It plays a major role in the game Stealing the Diamond, and a small role in Fleeing the Complex.


The scooter is light blue in color. It has no seat, meaning Henry has to stand on it. It has a retractable basket in front and an exhaust pipe on the back.

As seen in Stealing the Diamond, the Scooter can easily keep up with police cars, meaning it is most likely modified to go faster than a regular scooter.

Role in the games

Stealing the Diamond

In Stealing the Diamond, when the player selects the “Bust In” option in the start screen, Henry will use his Scooter to break into the museum to steal the Tunisian Diamond.

Henry starts by driving from a hill to the main entrance, ramming the door and a guard. He then speeds through the museum towards the diamond exhibit, breaking the glass case. To take the diamond along, Henry can try to put it into the basket of the scooter (which fails), or use a tow cable to drag the diamond along (which works). He then races out of the museum through the back door and gets chased by the police. The chase ends at a broken bridge, where Henry jumps into the river along with the scooter and the diamond.

This leads to the Aggressive Ending.

Infiltrating the Airship

The scooter has a brief cameo in the loading screen of Infiltrating the Airship. When browsing through the military’s video screen’s of Henry’s house, the scooter can be seen in the garage along with the police car Henry stole in the Badass Ending of Escaping the Prison.

Fleeing the Complex

A similar scooter makes an appearance in Fleeing the Complex when Henry calls the Toppat Clan to bust him out of The Wall. Once the Airship arrives and three Toppat members give Henry cover, Henry uses the scooter to jump out of the complex towards the Airship. He doesn’t make the jump and although Henry himself is caught by the Toppat Leader, the scooter plunges into the ocean. The scooter is the only choice that leads to a win in two different games.