Rank RPE

Rapidly Promoted Executive is one of the four different endings to Infiltrating the Airship.

Getting the Ending

This rank can be achieved by choosing the Cannon Ball in the start screen, which will cause Henry to try and capture the Toppat Leader. When Henry captures the leader in the cargo bay of the Airship, the leader surrenders leadership of the Toppat Clan to Henry since he's impressed by Henry's achievements. To achieve this rank, Henry has to accept the offer. Rejecting the offer will lead to the Relentless Bounty Hunter ending.

During the end credits, Henry is given the former leader's top hat and golden chain. He then proceeds to lead the Toppat Clan in a successful crime spree, including robbing the bank he unsuccessfully tried to break into during the first game.

Fleeing the Complex

In the next game, Fleeing the Complex, this ending is revisited during the phone a friend option if Henry decides to call the Toppat Clan for help. The game then shows Henry still being the Toppat Leader, until the former leader takes that title back in The Betrayed ending.