Rank PBT

Pure Blooded Thief is one of the four official endings to the game Infiltrating the Airship.

PBT Ending

Henry uses the Grapple Gun, entering the Airship of the Toppat Clan through a door in the lower parts. He starts exploring the Airship from there. When he spots the Ruby in the vault, he decides to abandon his mission and steal it. He succeeds but sets off an alarm in the process. When the military realizes Henry has betrayed them, they decide to attack the airship.

Using the power suit, Henry brings the airship down. A war breaks out between the army and the Toppat Clan. Somewhere in the Midwest, the Center for Chaos Containment respond to the chaos by making Wilson use one of the 4 disks labeled "Prototype" to solve the war. He then sends out a group of soldiers equipped with high-tech armor.

One of them suddenly wants to pee in the middle of his flight, so he lands close to the rock, where (unbeknownst to him) Henry hides, and takes his armor off to pee, allowing Henry to steal the armor. Captain G and Charles consider to intercept him but eventually choose to let him go. Despite helping the military by bringing the airship down, Henry is not pardoned in this ending.

The end credits show Henry flying off with both the powered armor and the ruby.