Presumed dead

Presumed Dead is one of the five endings to the game Fleeing the Complex. The way to reach this ending is filled with choices where a time limit is in place.

This ending follows the Relentless Bounty Hunter ending in Infiltrating the airship, as he might not be able to escape if he is not pardoned for the offence that he had done in the game.

Reaching the ending Edit

To reach this ending, one has to choose "Charge Tackle" in the start screen. This makes Henry attack Gregory and run away from the transfer cell. He succesfully makes his way to the yard, where he defeats Karlov and steals The Wall Truck to break through the gate. This results in a chase sequence where the prison guards follow him with two armored vehicles and a jeep. Henry is able to dispose of one vehicle by slamming it into a ravine, but this sends his truck into a slip and causes it to fall over at the edge of the same ravine. Dmitri Petrov arrives, stating he is impressed by Henry's achievement and giving him two choices; stay in the truck or surrender. This final choice screen presents the only time in any of the Henry Stickmin games where, during a time-limited choice screen, the player actually has to allow the time limit to expire in order to progress, since all the choice options will lead to a fail. Once the time limit is up, Petrov assumes Henry will not surrender and kicks the truck into the ravine, apparently killing Henry. He and his men then return to The Wall.

Henry, however, has managed to get out of the truck and is hanging from the rocks. When the coast is clear, he climbs back up and walks away. During the end credits it's shown how he makes his way to an airport and takes a plane back home. At the end screen, there is an Easter egg to where you can click the moon and....well....see what happens.

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