Pokéball (Great ball in some mobile versions) is an option that when used, it will change the scene to a Pokémon Battle. And when Henry opens it, MissingNo., the glitch Pokemon. MissingNo then starts glitching, and many errors appear on the cold, followed by a frozen

Pokémon Battle TranscriptEdit

1. Night guards TIM & JOE would like to battle!

2. Night guards TIM & JOE send out JOE!

3. Go! Missigno-oshi

4. what missingno- french fry do ?

5.missingno-shu use frozen

6. missingno-shi won!


1 (Binary Code for "Fear Missingo")

Medal: completEdit

When the error messages are popping out, pop on one of the "Okay" buttons before it changes to the frozen

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