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The Museum is the setting of Stealing the Diamond. It was the museum where grand exhibit Tunisian Diamond was presented, so where Henry tried to steal it.


On the outside, the museum is a grey, square building. It has at least two floors and a flat roof. There is a parking lot in front of the museum which has several vehicles at the time Henry begins his stealing attempt.

Besides the main entrance, the museum also has a back door and a door on the roof.



Lobby is a place right to the entrance of museum. There you can see a reception and guard guarding the ways to the other rooms. There is also a lolwut pear picture hanging from the wall.


Medieval is the first area near the lobby. When Henry bursts in with scooter he passes through it. Place is full of historical pictures, weapons... and there's a boat hanging from the ceiling in which Henry crashes when he uses the mace. Two art pictures can be found there- Leonidas and "Mah Boi".


World War Two section is the area at the back of museum. It was guarded by Dave and another guard in the night when Henry attempted to steal the diamond. There are some guns presented, one gun that looks like a stun gun, and another one that looks like Thompson or Tommy Gun. There's a bombshell and a German plane model (that Henry used to knock down the security guard). On the wall there is a picture of angry Hitler. This is a reference to the 2004 film Downfall.


Retro is an area at the back of the Grand exhibit, where some stuff from retro video games are presented (Metroid, Pokeball, Super mushroom) and an item block from Super Mario. On the wall there is a Item Block from Mario and also a picture of Luigi from Mario titled "No U".

Diamond ExhibitEdit

This is the part of the museum where the Tunisian Diamond is on display in a glass case. Henry's goal is to reach this room and take the diamond. The exhibit appears to be in the back of the museum, close to the back door that Henry uses in both the Agressive Ending and Undetected Ending to get out after stealing the diamond.

The Epic Ending shows the same room also contains a pterodactyl egg, which hatches when the giant Henry walks besides it.

Gallery Edit


  • It closes at nine.