John "Johnny" Panzer






Security guard


Stealing the Diamond

Shoe color



Deceased (AE)

Johnny Panzer is a security guard from Stealing the Diamond.

Stealing the DiamondEdit

Not to be confused with Johnny, the police officer.

Johnny Panzer is seen guarding the museum entrance with another guard, when Henry bursts with his scooter and hits him, pushing him into the door. After those guards see Henry who keeps driving.

Later in Infiltrating the Airship, in the military book it says KIA (Killed In Action) - Johnny Panzer, during Henry's scooter drive, which says that he was killed by the motorcycle hit.

Other infoEdit

  • It's not 100% sure that Johnny Panzer is his real name. In Infiltrating the Airship, there is sign KIA- Johnny Panzer, right to text and photo in which Henry bursts into museum with scooter. Only man that was probably killed during that action is him, so that's probably his name.

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