Henry Stickmin is a series of action/comedy/parody movie-games, created by PuffbalsUnited. In these games player can choose the events and endings, because games function by point-and-click format.

The story follows a thief Henry Stickmin who gets in troubles by trying to steal things, escaping from various prisons and working with the military.


The titular character is Henry Stickmin, a silent protagonist who starts his journey by breaking into a bank, which leads him into a series of never ending troubles. Characters in the series are stick figures, which means they have minimal body design and black lines instead of clothes, but distinct facial design with long linear eyes that are unique to PuffballsUnited's style.

The Henry universe is a copy of real world but better fitting with stick figures. Evidence for this is city of Stickholm that appears in the series, which is a pun of capital of Sweden, Stockholm.


The zeroth and prototype game for the series was Crossing the Pit, a game published by PuffballsUnited in 2007. It featured a simple stick character trying to cross a pit and all options result in a failure (falling into the pit)

After this, PuffballsUnited released the first game in Henry Stickmin series, Breaking the Bank. The concept was very similar to Crossing the Pit, because all options again end in a fail, and it was significantly shorter than newer Henry games, although it had new artstyle and character design unlike Crossing the Pit.

A direct sequel for this was Escaping the Prison released in 2010, that was significantly longer, and had 3 endings. Then a sequel to that was Stealing the Diamond, released a year later, then Infiltrating the Airship in 2013.

The latest game in the series is Fleeing the Complex from 2015.

Currently, a sixth game is in development, and it is expected to come with remastered versions of other 5 games. 


Pre-series (2007)

Crossing the Pit (2007)

Henry Stickmin series (2008-now)

Breaking the Bank (2008)

Escaping the Prison (2010)

Stealing the Diamond (2011)

Infiltrating the Airship (2012)

Fleeing the Complex (2015)

Completing the Mission (TBA)