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Gregory (Russian:Григорий), alternatively spelled Grigori or Gregori is one of the employees of The Wall, and is a likely right-hand-man to Dmitri Petrov and the secondary antagonist of Fleeing the Complex. He has a grey beard and moustache.

Fleeing the ComplexEdit

He is first seen taking Henry to the Transfer Cell, and then guarding the door of the room. He also makes numerous appearances randomly throughout the story.

Presumed DeadEdit

When in the starting screen option to tackle him is chosen, Henry will knock Gregory down with his legs (possibly even killing him) and start running down the hall in his escape attempt.

Convict AlliesEdit

During the path to the Convict Allies ending, Gregory appears in The Yard just when Ellie and Henry reach the surface after having started a massive prison outbreak. He takes Ellie captive. To save her, Henry starts making faces at Gregory, which distracts him long enough to get hit by a speeding truck. He is still alive, if you try to escape he tackles Henry then, Ellie smacks Gregory in the chin with a stop sign although you won't be able to see it. He is possibly dead due to he makes one face with @ and # eyes. You get the CA ending as well as the medal.


When choosing the option to play dead in the start screen, Gregory will contact Dmitri to tell him Henry has died. He is then instructed to "put Henry with the others", and thus tosses Henry's body into the ocean.

When you choose to wait for transfer in the start screen, Gregory will escort Henry to his cell.


  • "Wait here until cell found."
  • "Alright let's go."
  • "Have a good time."
  • "Hello Henry, welcome to The Wall."
  • "What you think that will upset me? Oh, very immatu- (Gets hit by a truck)"

Gallery Edit

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