Government Supported Private Investigator is one of the four endings in Infiltrating the Airship. In this ending, you side with the government, and help take down the Toppat Clan. This ending is referenced to again in the International Rescue Operative ending of the next game, Fleeing the Complex.

GSPI Ending Edit

Henry starts by choosing the Earpiece, then sucks up the guard with the Vacuum. He then uses the Glue to get across the ceiling. After this, Charles uses a Robo-Helper to take Henry across a gap and bone melts Geoffrey so Henry can take Geoffrey's card. Henry then knocks the clan member out with a spider on a stick which was supposed to Spook him and he takes the evidence. Henry sneaks through using the vents and tells Charles to reroute the power to a separate room. He then arrives in the hangar and you open the door for the helicopter, you then need to use the Force Gun to blast away the goons, and then get thrown into the helicopter, achieving the ending.

During the end credits, Henry is seen in his house, following the news on TV. The news report is about the Toppat Clan being arrested. Although not shown, he is pardoned from his crimes.