Government (Military) is a major faction which appears in Infiltrating the Airship and Fleeing the Complex. They are on Henry's side unless he goes rogue. Government's military force is led by Captain G.

The president of the USA in Henry Stickmin series is named Jefferson Smithsonian.


Government's armed force has a green color scheme. The soldiers are armed mostly with M14 assault rifles. The most frequent military vehicles seen in the series are helicopters. In Infiltrating the Airship, they have simple design while in Fleeing the Complex they are bigger, more detailed and have white stars printed.

Role in the plotEdit

When the government finds out about Henry's crimes, they realize that they could use his outstanding skills to bring down the Toppat Clan, a criminal organization living in an airship. Captain G and his squad of soldiers then ambush Henry's house, kidnap him, put him to sleep and take him away in a chopper. When he wakes up, G explains that his task is to infiltrate the Toppat airship and that they will pardon all his crimes if he succeeds.

There are 2 ways Henry can please the government and be pardoned for his crimes. In rank Government Supported Private Investigator (GSPI), he steals very important documents of the Toppats and escapes to the helicopter. In Relentless Bounty Hunter (RBH) he can accept Toppat Leader's offer to become the new leader of the organization, or arrest him and hand him to the military.

Later, Henry ends up being imprisoned in a Russian prison complex, The Wall. If he manages to get a cell phone he can contact Charles, the government pilot who assisted him in the airship mission. When they two defeat the guards and escape, Henry earns the International Rescue Operative rank.

Known members of the governmentEdit



  • Jefferson Smithsonian - president (2013)

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