Freddy Fazbear

Henry encounters Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear is a character from Fleeing the Complex. He is a direct reference to Five Nights At Freddy's, a horror game.

Description and role Edit

Freddy is an animatronic (robotic animal) created by the members of The Wall, inspired by the same character from FNAF games. They put him to guard the darkest and possibly the most important part of The Wall.

Henry can meet Freddy in the Presumed Dead path. When he exits the main complex and reaches the yard, he tries to flee from alerted human guards to a murky building. He closes the door, but as he turns around he spots Freddy looking at him with his glowy eyes. It is unknown what happens next, but as the option fails, Henry most likely gets killed by Freddy.

Jumpscare Edit


Freddy 'jumpscares' the player

If the player doesn't close the fail screen and waits for a few seconds, Freddy's scary face (which isn't actually that scary) will pop up on the screen just like in actual FNAF games.

This leads to the Spooked medal.


That wasn't scary...

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