START HERE - interactive youtube game (escape prison) introduction00:41

START HERE - interactive youtube game (escape prison) introduction

The Intro to Escaping The Prison shows Henry in jail because of his crimes in Breaking the Bank. He is handed a package by to guards. Inside the package is a pink cake. It open up to reveal six items, leading to the first option screen. It is unknown who sent the cake.

Transcript Edit

Guard: Oi, you!

  • Henry Looks up

Guard: You're Free to go.

  • Henry smiles

Guard: Hehehe! Not really, you just got a package.

  • Throws Package in

Guard: Don't get you're hopes up, we already checked for anything useful, haven't we, Dave?

Dave: What? Yea, Yea! Of course I checked it,I mean, if I didn't check I'd lose my job, I don't want to lose my job. He,He.

Guard: See you around, free to go, hehehe, thought that should be... *Speech muffles off.

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