Intro Edit

(Story opens in a prison)

Police Officer 1: Aye, you! You're free to go!

(Henry smiles)

Police Officer 1: (chuckles) Not really. (Opens prison a bit) but you've got a package.

(Puts package into Henry's cell)

Police Officer 1: Don't get your hopes up. We would've checked it for anything useful, haven't we, Dave?

Dave: (Confused) What? Yeah, yeah! (laughs nervously) Of course, I checked it! I mean, if I didn't check it I'd lose my job. I didn't want to lose my job!

Police Officer 1: See you around, (to Dave) Free to go, (chuckles) Well then...

(Henry opens the package to find a cake)

Henry: Hmm. (Henry realizes that there is something in the cake.)

NrG Drink (fail)Edit

(Henry drinks all of the NrG drink bottle and when he throws it, it starts to slow down and finally stops.)

Henry: Hmmm... (bends prison bar)

(Henry walks through another criminal's cell (with a knife) and finds the two guards that taunted him, and moves Police Officer #1 to a nearby trash bin. He later walks through the halls of the prison office, eventually eating a bagel.)

[Scene cuts to outside of the prison]

Henry: (opens prison exit) (inhales and exhales) (Heartbeats getting faster and louder)

Henry: AGH...! (Gets a heart attack)


Trivia Edit

Henry with NRG drink

Henry holding the NRG drink


The NrG drink option

Henry and the cake

Henry searching for the item in the cake

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