This page is about all of the medals in Escaping the Prison

All-Devices MedalsEdit

These are the medals on both PC/Mac and mobile devices

Legal EndingEdit

This ending is also known as the Lame ending. Use the Cellphone. Henry will then call a lawyer. It then skips to Henry's Trial. Present the Disguise.

Badass EndingEdit

This ending is also known as the BAMF Ending. Use the drill. Use the crowbar. Click the left arrow then Click the up button. Click when it says click very fast.

Sneaky EndingEdit

Use the file. Use the file on the Cell Door. Then, click the alarms very fast. Henry will hide in the door. Use the chair and go right. Use the plungers.

Lots of EffortEdit

Get all 18 unique fails.

Brawl ReferenceEdit

Do the Badass ending, but at the second part of dodging the cops, go left.

Donut WantEdit

Collect the 3 donuts. Use the drill and click the donut. Go left when you use the chair and when you are in the metting place, click the donut.


This ending is the secret ending. In the credits of the sneaky ending, click the sun, and a mouth opens.

Mobile Device ExclusivesEdit

These are the ending only on mobile devices

The JokeEdit

Click the misspelled word on the Opacitator.


Click the wanted poster when you use the NRg Drink.

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