Epic way

The Epic Ending is one of three endings to the game Stealing the Diamond. It is one of two endings achievable when choosing “sneak in” at the start screen. 

Getting the Ending Edit

Henry uses a pickaxe to break into the museum, and is unintentionally given a hand by a creeper from Minecraft. Once inside, Henry makes his way to the Retro Room, where he uses a Super Mushroom to grow to giant size. As a giant, he steals the diamond, but is knocked out by a cannon ball. To make matters worse, the Center for Chaos Containment notices the chaos and sends a giant robot to destroy the museum. Henry has no choice but to flee from the destruction. Once at a safe distance, he pauses to catch his breath. Fortunately for him, the diamond then lands right next to him in the grass.

The credits show Henry standing on the diamond in triumph.

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