the Earpiece

The Earpiece appears in the game Infiltrating the Airship as one of the tools the military provides Henry Stickmin with to enter the Airship of the Toppat Clan. The Earpiece is one of four options that can be chosen in the first choice menu of the game. Choosing it starts the path that can lead to the Government Supported Private Investigator ending of the game.

Role in the Game Edit

When chosen, Charles drops Henry Stickmin off on the roof of the Airship and uses the earpiece to stay in touch with him. From here, Charles proceeds to guide Henry on his quest to find incriminating evidence against the Toppats. He also provides him with more tools and assistance along the way, like hacking into the Airship's power grid.

Force GunEdit

The Force Gun is one of the four options in Infiltrating the Airship. When chosen, Charles tells Henry that there is a button that can turn an earpiece into a Force Gun. Henry then shoots both the Toppat guards out of the airship, possibly dead. In order to see what was really going on, the Right Hand Man checks to see what was going on. He then notices that Henry was going to shoot him with force, but he used his gun to shoot him. Right when the Right Hand Man pulls the trigger, Henry uses the Force Gun to blast himself out of the ship to avoid getting shot. The Right Hand Man notices that he is in a lot of trouble now. While being safe, Henry is ranked Government Supported Private Investigator.

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