The Dark Energy Blaster ( or D.E.B. for short) is a weapon fired by the Center for Chaos Containment as seen in Infiltrating the Airship.

Dark Energy

Henry witnessing the formation of the Dark Energy Ball.


If you select the disk that says "D.E.B." on it, Wilson will boot up the Dark Energy Blaster which aims for the airship and the Center's building. Afterwards a ball of dark energy forms and expands, disintegrating a military soldier, three goverment aircrafters, and Henry. At Wilson's last moments he sees a photo of his wife and his son and sadly bids goodbye to them as the screen fades to white while playing sad music thus leading to a fail.


  • This is the only fail in any Henry Stickmin game that doesn't have a message. It's possible that since the D.E.B. disintegrated everything, the fail messenger probably got disintegrated also.