is an item that appears in Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond.

Escaping the Prison Edit

Henry drills a hole in the ground and ends up in a bathroom and sees a crowbar on the floor. He uses it to break a manhole in the floor and enters inside it, which leads him to a vent. When he escapes the vent pipe, he falls right next to two armed prison guards. A furious chase begins.

Stealing the Diamond Edit

Henry enters the Tunisian Exhibition room and seeks for a tool that he could use to take the Tunisian diamond. Crowbar (but a different one) is one of the items presented in the exhibition. Henry tries to take it but suddenly, dozens of headcrabs [1] fall on his head and presumably eat him to death.

References Edit

  • Headcrabs that attack Henry in StD are actually from Half-Life. This reference is connected to the Crowbar, because it is the first weapon in Half-Life used by the player to fight headcrabs in Black Mesa complex.

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