Convict allies

Convict Allies is one of the five endings to the game Fleeing the Complex. The name refers to the fact that, in order to reach this ending, Henry teams up with a fellow inmate of The Wall, Ellie, rather than working on his own.

Getting the ending Edit

To reach this ending, one has to choose "Boost Up" in the start screen, and after this has worked choose to rescue Ellie as well. The two of them then team up to escape from The Wall. They make their way to the security office, and start a massive prison break by unleashing multiple (if not all) other inmates. In the chaos that follows the two fight three guards. They reach two elevators, and using disguises, distract the guards with their hats. They reach the Yard, where they are confronted by Gregory, who kidnaps Ellie. Henry is able to dispose of him by making a face, which causes Gregory to ponder the meaning of the face and get run over. The two of them attempt to board a motorcycle, but Dmitri Petrov captures Henry. Ellie rescues him by grabbing a stop sign and knocking Petrov out cold. The end credits show Henry and Ellie on the motorcycle, jumping over the fence of the yard.

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