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Charles is a pilot who works for the government. He appears as Henry's ally in Infiltrating the Airship as well as Fleeing the Complex. Charles shares traits with Henry, in his appearances, he ends up succeeding his missions, but also ends up in failures.

Charles is your helper if you choose the GSPI Ending in Infiltrating The Airship and in the IRO Ending in Fleeing The Complex.

Infiltrating the Airship

He controls the military helicopter and leads Henry through his mission. Sometimes he can be helpful, but mostly his commands and suggestions are useless, or even stupid.

In the GSPI ending, when Captain G sends Henry on his mission, Charles gives him an earpiece by which they can communicate. First Henry breaks into the airship and slides into the Toppat's meeting room. Then he uses glue and escapes to the other side where he finds a Toppats member who can't open the door. Charles then uses bone melt and melts his bones. Henry reaches the records room and then steals the evidence, but Charles warns him not to enter the next room since it is filled with armed men. Instead, he suggests Henry too use the ventilation duct. In there Henry finds an electric power trap. Charles hacks into airship system and re-routes the power to another room. Henry can now safely reach the cargo bay, where two more men are blocking his path. Charles thus tells Henry to click a button on his earpiece, which turns it into a force gun. Henry takes out the two men and Charles brings the chopper near the bay doors. The Right Hand Man comes into the cargo bay and attempts to shoot Henry with his gun, but it's too late and Henry escapes to the helicopter.

In the PBT ending, when Geoffrey spots Henry who steals the ruby, Charles sees that alarm is activated and Henry has been found out. Captain G moves to plan B and Charles calls reinforcements. Military soldiers then break into the airship and cause it to crash in the desert, where the fight continues on the ground. When the Center for Chaos Containment launches a prototype army to solve the chaos, Henry steals their armor and escapes with the ruby. Charles intercepts him, but the Captain tells him to let him go.

In the RBH ending, Charles gives Henry a paper from the president, saying that Henry would no longer be considered as a criminal, after he finds the Toppat Leader and arrests him. All evidence regarding Henry is destroyed.

Fleeing the Complex

Charles reappears in Fleeing the Complex. When Henry contacts the government, Charles receives the call to help Henry to escape. In the moment Henry calls him, Charles is on an unknown mission, but very close to the location of The Wall. Charles tells Henry to escape to the helipad, but on the way, the guards catch Henry escaping. Henry teleports outside but spots another guard. Charles activates his mini helicopter and throws the guard off the stairs, most likely killing him.

Charles then guides Henry to the helipad. The two guards there spot his helicopter and prepare to shoot him down. Henry is able to prevent them from shooting Charles down. While Henry knocks one guard out, another guard notices Henry but is crushed by Charles' helicopter. Henry then does the "I'm watching you" gesture at the guard he pushed while walking to the helicopter. The two of them then fly off, earning the rank: International Rescue Operative.


Charles is not very intelligent. In both games that he appears in, he has the "perfect plan" to deal with enemies, namely fly the helicopter straight into them, despite the risks and obstacles. Most of the fails in the route where he assists Henry fails because he messes something up. He is also a very bad shooter; in one of the fails in Airship, he kills Henry with a Gatling gun, and hits almost everything except the door which he was supposed to hit. In Fleeing the Complex's Fire Escape, he snipes Henry instead of the guard of The Wall he was aiming for.

If the Rapidly Promoted Executive or Pure Blooded Thief ending are considered canon, he might have a great bond with Henry and always treat him as his partner despite Henry's actions opposing the government he's working for, as he's willing to help Henry escaping the complex.



  • "I think he set up some sort of alarm. In the vault?"
  • "Alright, get to bring out the big guns!"
  • "Ok, here I come! Dun, dun, dududun dun dun, dudun dun dun dun dun!"* (An astreik after a quote means that Charles dies after he says that.)
  • "Oh, man! A duck just flew right in to the propeller! Oh what a mess!"
  • "I've got the perfect plan... This is the greatest plaaaa- !"*
  • "Ehh...there you go! Hey I've seen a heli-pad up there, should be a good place to pick up. But if I get close though...they'll set up the alarm...oh, yep they see me. I'm coming in and get ready."
  • "D'ya just jump off the edge... Wait, was that the plan? Man, we really should have coordinated that better. I mean I was not prepared at -"*
  • "Got him...wait... ohhhh..."
  • "Hey, look! I'm here!"


  • From his helicopter cabin Charles can hack into airship system, control its electric power and give Henry some useful devices and objects. 
  • Charles is the man who gave Henry official pardon signed by president Jefferson Smithsonian in the "Relentless Bounty Hunter" ending.
  • The teamwork of Charles and Henry might refer to Rolls-Royce, since two founders were Charles Rolls and Henry Royce.
  • Charles has never been seen without his red-and-black headset.
  • In Infiltrating the Airship, Charles piloted a UH-1 Iroquois,but in Fleeing the Complex, Charles now pilots a UH-60 Black Hawk.