Henry uses cellphone

The Cellphone

The cellphone is a device that Henry Stickmin uses to contact other characters.

Escaping the PrisonEdit

The Cellphone is one of six items that Henry can choose from in the first choice screen in Escaping the Prison, and one of only 3 out of these 6 objects that actually work for him. It arrives in a large cake at the start of the game. When chosen, Henry will use the phone to call Phoenix Wright. This leads to a court case that can, if done properly, result in the "Lame/Legal Ending" of the game.

In EtP, Henry's cell phone contacts are divided in more than 7 categories: Family, Friends, Co-Workers, Attorneys, Morticians, Babysitters, and Banks. Other than lawyers, it's unknown who the other people are, but it indicates that Henry might have a family and something to do with babies. It is also possible that this is not Henry's phone, but a phone from whoever sent him the mysterious package with a cake.

Fleeing the ComplexEdit

A touchscreen cellphone is also present in Fleeing the Complex. Henry picks up a phone, after squashing a character with the floor above. The phone is possibly Gregory's. The cellphone can be used to phone either the Toppat Clan or The Government (Charles).


  • Attorneys in Henry's cell phone are references to other fictional characters. Fletcher Reed is a lawyer from Liar Liar film, Kevin Lomax is from Devil's Advocate and the Hyper-Chicken is from Futurama series. Henry calls Phoenix Wright, a character from Japanese video game series Ace Attorney, who later appears on the trial in the game.