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Release Date

September 27, 2008

Breaking the Bank is the first part in the Henry Stickmin series. It's made after first PuffballsUniteds' game, Crossing the Pit. Its sequel is Escaping the Prison.


Henry Stickmin attempts to break into the bank, placed in the middle of a desert. He stands next to a wall, and ponders how to break inside the vault.


The intro shows a large bank in the middle of the desert. It zooms into the left wall where Henry is standing. The game begins.


The game consists of only one screen to choose your path. It consists of:

  • Tunnel (Fail) - Henry grabs a shovel from his pocket and holds it up. It shines and plays the iconic sound effect from the Zelda series. Henry cocks the shovel like a gun and digs a tunnel underground. He falls down onto a train track, and he gets up, he is hit by an oncoming train.
  • Explosion (Fail)-Henry tries to detonate a box of TNT, but it doesn't blow up. When goes over to touch it, it blows up in his face.
  • Lazer Drill (Fail) -Henry cuts a hole in the wall using a lazer drill. The section of the wall he cut falls on him.
  • Wrecking Ball (Fail) - Henry uses a wrecking ball to break the bank wall, but the ball misses, coming back around and destroying the vehicle.   
  • Teleporter (Fail) -Henry uses the teleporter to teleport into the bank, but ends up stuck in the middle of a wall.
  • Disguise (ending) -  Henry ties himself in a yellow money sack and waits by the road. Policemen Ted McAdams and Winston Davis pass by in the armored van and stop when they see him. They throw him in the back and drive to the bank. Henry is thrown in the vault and it is locked. When he stands up, he is caught by a security laser and sets of the alarm. The game ends with his arrest.

This final choice counts as the definitive ending, since after Henry's arrest the credits begin to roll. During the credits a compilation of all the failures and a screenshot of Henry being put in prison is shown.


  • This is the only game in the series without any medals, sidequests or successful endings.
  • In the original version characters are drawn in a more simple manner than in later games, lacking any feet or fingers. This will be fixed in the upcomming remake of the game.
  • These events occurred on August 27, 2008, according to Infiltrating the Airship


  • Henry uses the Lazer Drill
  • Wrecking Ball
  • Henry about to teleport
  • Henry inspects the explosives
  • Henry uses the shovel
  • Main screen from the remake
  • A photo of Infiltrating the Airship showing that this game took place on August 28, 2008 1:52 PM
  • The laserGo to Device