Badass ending

The Badass Ending is one of three endings to the game Escaping the Prison. Of the three endings, this one is arguably the hardest to get, since several of the choice screens the player has to go through have a (relatively short) time limit. The last choice even requires the player to react in two-fifths of a second (literally). It corresponds with Stealing The Diamond's Aggressive Ending.

Getting the Ending Edit

To get the ending, choose the Drill in the start screen. Henry will use it to drill a hole in the floor of his cell, through which he reaches the shower block below. There, he uses a crowbar to pry open a drain cover and starts crawling through the drain, until his weight causes the pipe to break. Henry falls to the floor, right in front of two guards.

What follows is a quick series of events in which the guards chase Henry down a hallway, trying to shoot him down. Henry dodges the bullets and the guards and makes a run for the front door, only to find it blocked by the Prison Chief. The chief and guards have Henry surrounded, and prepare to shoot. However, Henry dodges all the bullets, matrix-style. He catches the last bullet and throws it back at the Warden's AK-47 breaking it in two. Scared by this display of badassness, the guards no longer have the guts to try and stop him and Henry calmly walks out the front door. He spots a police car, and steals it to make his getaway.