Aggressive way

The Aggressive ending is one of three endings to the game Stealing the Diamond. It is the only ending achievable when choosing “bust in” at the start screen, and noticeable for being the only ending in the game for which every choice screen has a time limit.

Getting the Ending Edit

To get this ending, choose “bust in” at the start of the game. Henry will then break into the museum on his scooter. He makes his way past the museum guards until he reaches the Tunisian Diamond, which he then attaches to a tow cable and drags along. Once outside, Henry gets involved in police chase that ends at a broken bridge. When cornered by the cops, Henry kicks the diamond over the edge of the edge of the bridge. A police officer shoots his pistol, but misses because the weight of the diamond drags the scooter and Henry along, and all three fall into the river where the current drags them along.

In the end credits, Henry wakes up on the shore of the river, and sees the diamond stuck in the mud next to him. He tries to get it loose while the credits roll.

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