AK-47 is a Russian assault rifle used by many factions in Henry Stickmin series. It also appears as a fail choice in Stealing the Diamond.

Escaping the Prison Edit

The AK-47 is used by Police. If Henry goes the Badass path, police guards will chase him through the hallway. One of them has the AK-47. If the player doesn't react quickly, Henry will die from its bullets. Later, Prison Chief fights against Henry with the same rifle. Henry dodges the bullets and somehow catches one and turns it back to the chief, splitting his AK-47 in half.

Stealing the Diamond Edit

In the final phase of Undetected Way, a night guard can be seen smoking, with an AK-47 lying next to him. If the option Rifle is chosen, Henry jumps and steals his AK-47 and opens fire, but none of the bullets actually hit the guard. It's unknown what happens after this, but presumably, Henry gets arrested.

Fleeing the Complex Edit

AK-47 is a frequent weapon used by the Guardians of The Wall.

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